Project Management is a task-orientated talent, the effectiveness of the right project manager is the difference between the task being successfully delivered on time and within budget, or not. 

So, what makes an effective project manager?

Good question… we’ve listed the top 6 traits from a recent poll we conducted on effective project management, and it shows that the best project managers should have a mix of the following skills:

  1. Professionally honed communication skills – an ability to decipher, repackage and explain details so that everyone gets it. An ability to foresee possible problem areas and nip them in the bud quickly and communicate changes. Knowing how to customise information so that each team understands the goals and achievement levels expected.
  2.  No Blame mentality – This doesn’t mean project managers should be a walkover, nor does it mean that no one should take responsibility for the things that go wrong. But an ability to have a “listen and learn from your mistakes” mentality and not blame anyone for things that may go wrong, is a far better way of empowering your team to get the job done. So, they won’t be afraid to try things that could be out of their comfort zone and will echo their project manager’s mentality when they realise blaming does nothing for the end result, other than make someone feel bad about their part in the project.
  3. Flexibility and re-assessment skills – Being able to review a project and reassess its needs, looking at how the team is working and how effective the project goals are essential. Being able to flex their own involvement to the needs of both the result and the team requirements is essential. 
  4. Likeability and an ability to muck in with the team – Able to roll up their sleeves and muck in – a manager who can promote team working and involvement. Someone the teams respect and look up to for direction.
  5. Total Focus Bottom layer up – Excellent collaboration skills which involve the entire team from the bottom up. Without the teammates at the bottom of the project, we will never be able to reach the top – which in most instances is the goal! By focusing and collaborating with everyone at some level, the communication lines always remain open, and everyone gets the feeling they are part of the winning team.
  6. Finally, the ability to celebrate successes with the team! Yes, I know you’d expect this to be a given, but you’d be surprised at the Project Managers who don’t. Involve everyone at every stage, the ups, the downs, and the in-betweens!

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