Many small businesses don’t tend to have a dedicated HR person and as a result, the management of HR administration such as approving holidays, managing sickness, and employee training and development, will often by default land in the laps of busy senior employees.

Sales, costs and profits will all be key considerations for a small business and while ensuring all your HR policies are fit for purpose is important, this might be considered as part of the next phase of growth, just as long as you have the legally required parts covered!

But effective HR should be about looking at the company’s goals and ways in which it can support growth. Your people are the key to this, helping to drive the business forward.

It has been shown that dedicated HR software can save small businesses, on average, four hours a week on HR admin assisting with many day-to-day tasks. 

However, while they can help you save precious time and money, there are hundreds of options on the market from time management solutions to recruitment application trackers.

A Human Resource Information System (HRIS) for example is a software or online solution that helps to automate and manage some HR operations. It is essentially a tool to keep employee data in order.

Moving your HR function to cloud-based HR software has the potential to not only change the way you store your documents, but will also make administration easier.

With an HRIS, you can store all your records, documentation and files, and because an HRIS is such an efficient gatekeeper, management becomes much easier as your documents are organized and stored in such a way that they can be easily retrieved.

You can upload documents, carry out requests and approvals and log in to check details and progress from anywhere, at any time. A large number of HRIS systems now have a sophisticated interface that can be used internally by current employees as well as externally by potential job candidates. This type of system makes it possible for CVs to be submitted and other application information to be collected so that it can be easily and quickly accessed by the hiring team.

Here at HR Revolution, we recommend the system from Breathe HR, it is one that we even use ourselves!

This platform lets you store all your documents securely and helps you manage holidays at the click of a button. It even provides a secure portal for performance management and time management.

Most cloud-based HRIS software is scalable – the software from Breathe is specifically designed for SMEs and scales as your business grows, with packages starting from just £10 per month.

If you are looking to streamline your processes, then an HRIS might be just what you are looking for, helping you to save valuable time and money by automating your all-consuming HR tasks!  

Learn more about Breathe by downloading our free introductory guide, it also includes a link to trial the service for FREE!

We can offer impartial advice to help you identify which systems might be suitable for your business and help get you started. For more information get in touch with our team – or call 0203 538 5311.

The video below provides a brief overview to the system and its benefits.