Contracts actually benefit both employers and employees. It is an important and vital document to give to employees as it sets out the rules that govern their relationship with the business. It should state clearly what is expected of the employee, the hours they should work, how much and how often they are paid, holiday and sick pay arrangements and other day to day issues. 

It is a useful tool when managing employees, from managing their daily activities through to exit, so please do review your current contracts to ensure compliance and fit for purpose.

Read on to see our top tips on why you need contracts and terms:


It is key for any business to have some form of protection clause in their contracts.  This protection is key to securing your business processes, information, and relationships with its clients/customers.  The clause should be tailored to the needs of the business and the role the employee performs. A well-written clause can make all the difference.


All employee contracts should be structured the same across the board.  Uniformity will ensure fairness and reduce claims of unfair treatment by employees. One thing to note however is that senior or executive roles may have a slightly different contract, which holds more clauses related to their seniority within the business (for example longer notice periods).

Health and Wellbeing

Contracts and the relevant supporting documents, for example, a pre-employment health questionnaire ensures the business can support employees as necessary and enable the team to be aware of any health issues that need to be considered. It will also bring to their attention any medication that the employee may be taking and will protect the business from any claims from employees that are attributed to pre-existing conditions.

Don’t forget – always ensure contracts are issued, signed (by both parties i.e., company and employee), returned and filed appropriately!

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