If you are a growing business, there’s a good chance you will be thinking how to approach your HR challenges that come with growth. If you don’t have the skills or money to develop an in-house team, then outsourcing to an HR consultant, like HR Revolution, will give you access to invaluable skills, knowledge and support, saving you costs in the long run.

I’m sure you will know as a business owner the frustration of spending more time than you want on non-revenue generating activities, from payroll and HR management to benefits and compensation, you can spend a significant proportion of your day engaged in these necessary and time-consuming tasks.

So, why outsource your HR function?

The top three reasons our customers cite for wanting to outsource their HR are access to skills and knowledge, gaining better quality support than the business is able to deliver in-house and the costs saved in terms of employing and training a new team. The most commonly outsourced HR processes are recruitment, creating and updating employee handbooks and policy manuals, performance management and managing investigations, disputes and disciplinaries.

However, when does it make sense for you to outsource your HR function? When carrying out your assessment, please take into account the following questions before you make your final decision.

How big is your company?

In our experience, businesses with fewer than 100 employees rarely have an HR team. Instead they may have an owner/manager or finance director who dabbles in HR because they have some relevant experience which seemingly qualifies them to deal with all the people issues that arise.

Which services do you need?

The nature of the work undertaken by an outsourced HR consultant varies hugely depending on the nature of the business and the skills of the employees within the company. So you need to ensure that your  business meets all necessary legal requirements in terms of policies and contracts and in addition any employee relations issues that may arise, including discrimination claims, redundancy, grievances and dismissals.

How much does an outsourced service cost?

Our HR Solutions have been designed to work in harmony with your needs with super-flexible terms, that allow you to change solutions when you feel you need to scale up our support when you need and down when you don’t.

We don’t see the need to tie you in to long contracts, as we ensure we add value throughout our time working with you; we are in constant communication with you and ensure that you are on the most cost and time efficient solution at all times. 

What type of provider do you want?

HR Revolution like to do things differently  – that’s how we get results.  It’s all about getting to know each other, understanding your business and explaining what we do. By the end of our first meeting you will understand how our approach will help you achieve your big picture goals.

We can slot perfectly in with your business to ensure that we deliver support that fits with your requirements.

Unlike most of our competition; we like to build relationships and ensure we really know your business, team and vision, to help focus your employees to deliver and achieve. We are not just there to police teams and implement policies and procedures, these have to be incorporated, but our main focus is on positive HR, working with you to design, implement and launch diverse and commercially viable solutions, that will highlight your super.

If you want to know more get in touch today.