Why indeed and it’s one of the key questions at HR Revolution we are often asked about.

“How can outsourcing our key ‘people’ processes really help the business?”  “Surely this should be an area we keep in-house?”

As many of you know trying to find just the right person to fit into your team is no easy task, not only must they be able to perform the duties to the best possible standard, they also have to fit in with the many different personalities already in the office and of course be the right fit for your employer brand.

Our answer is simple…

Outsource your key issue areas within HR and Talent Management and it will save you time, money and stress AND will help you drive efficiencies and better your business in so many ways:

  1. Your cost per hire will be trimmed.
  2. Your knowledge base, resources, insight and know how will increase.
  3. You will inject knowledge that you don’t currently possess in your business for niche HR and Talent Management areas.
  4. Ultimately, using a consultant that knows your market inside out saves you money, as you don’t have to pay them to learn about your business and will have the right contacts.
  5. Good corporate recruitment is about taking a long-term approach and creating an attractive employer brand and great candidate experience.

Good recruiting is not only about knowing your industry and the ‘movers and shakers’ within it.

Good recruiting is really about understanding your business and the champions it needs to keep it growing.

Think about what your business really needs when choosing a partner to work with on HR and Recruitment


So how do you choose?

Think about what your business really needs when choosing a partner to work with on HR and Recruitment.  Ask yourself what you want to achieve and if the providers you are speaking to really can fit your mould and offer you a tailored solution that will work with your business model.  Do they have access to the right contacts, in the right business communities? What are the added benefits of using their services?

Outsourcing is always a viable method of recruiting and retaining employees, as long as it’s a solution you really need, a solution you are prepared to commit to and something that you will be able to give time for delivery.  However, these solutions aren’t always able to make an immediate impact, any solution worth its weight in gold will take time to set up and roll out, but once set up you will reap the benefits commercially as an employer of choice for potential employees.

You must make sure you really want the solution and don’t base the decision solely on cost as it may not be the deal-maker that you need, much more importantly is the need to understand what you need from your HR strategy and long term goals.  Getting testimonials will help to support you in your decisions and speaking to the clients of a potential providers also helps.

Outsourcing can really help, if you are ready for it… by going through the process of evaluating your needs you can better define how this will work.

Be aware the answer may not be outsourcing at all, you may simply need one-off assistance in niche areas of our business that in-time will grow into an outsourced solution.

If you would like to have a discussion on how HR Revolution can help you achieve your goals and what differentiates us from the outsourced HR competition, get in touch:+44 203 538 5311 or email: hello@hrrevolution.co.uk or visit www.hrrevolution.co.uk where our expert CIPD HR professionals are waiting to help you with any questions you may have.