Why you need a Talent Attraction Pack for your business

Date: Wednesday, 5th December, 2018

If talent attraction is often on your to do list, it may be that you need to think about your approach towards enticing great candidates to want to work for your business and step up your communication to them.

The job market is competitive and good candidates are increasingly scarce. Last year 62% of in-house recruiters reported a lack of suitably qualified, skilled or experienced candidates to be their biggest issue (Eploy, 2017). The pressure is on employers to prove their desirability to job seekers who are in demand from multiple businesses and standing out from the crowd isn’t easy.

Alongside the rise of social media and digital marketing there is a growing amount of enticing content out there designed to showcase company culture and what businesses have to offer to their staff, so your brand needs think hard about how to stand out. Sometimes the true values of your business can be lost in the maelstrom of a candidate’s job hunt. Candidates will be under pressure to decide which company best reflects what they want in terms of job satisfaction, training, culture, benefits… the list goes on.

Last year 62% of in-house recruiters reported a lack of suitably qualified, skilled or experienced candidates to be their biggest issue (Eploy, 2017).

We understand that time is precious and dedicating resource to a hiring project can become costly, especially when you factor in recruitment fees and lengthy time to fill periods. However, put yourself in the candidate’s shoes and it’s clear that time-pressure is felt on both sides of the process. They may be interviewing with several companies and preparing applications and assessments, whilst in all likelihood working a full-time job too.

To break through the busyness, it pays to think about what makes you an attractive employer to a candidate and what will grab their attention.

Creating a bespoke attraction pack will showcase what makes your business a great place to work and demonstrate your willingness to nurture and support your team, whilst also having fun. The comprehensive document can include information on how your business began, your culture, the structures of your teams, progression routes, team events and anything else you feel makes your business special.

Sharing the pack with an engaged candidate after a positive interview will help to bring them over the line. It will cement in their minds the points discussed during the interview and go beyond the content on your website to provide them with a fuller picture of what makes your business tick and help them to picture themselves being part of your success.

If you would like to discuss creating an Attraction Pack for your business or if you want to find out how we can help you to attract talented people to work for you, then get in touch with us talent@hhrrevolution.co.uk

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