For many businesses, HR is a resource which is underused and overlooked, the potential value HR can add isn’t understood or utilised to its full capacity. HR has changed dramatically in its life span to cover a range of functions and issues that its now become essential!

The HR department is the powerhouse at the centre of developing, reinforcing, and supporting the business and its’ employees through a multitude of changes. These changes can be particularly comprehensive and require expertise to manage these changes successfully, fortunately, that’s exactly where HR come in! HR are experts in people and business management and can offer guidance involving issues and queries which are governed by employment law.

Previously, HR have been nicknamed as the ‘hirers and firers’, which does forms part of HR, but they do so much more! Whether it’s processing the administration or building a strategic plan to fill all potential gaps, HR can solve all your recruitment needs! HR will look to appoint candidates who instil the culture and values of the company via a robust recruitment process designed to attract and retain top talent.

Once your new employees are onboarded, HR works with them to provide learning and development to maximise their full potential! Not only does this promote employee engagement and encourages retention, but it also benefits the business due to increased knowledge, skills and therefore performance company wide.

In addition, HR can also be called upon when things go wrong. HR are the experts when dealing with complex employee relations issues. We can offer support to managers throughout the process and provide guidance on policy, best practise and advise in accordance with employment law. They ensure the process is managed fairly and effectively to solve any issues, which in turn identifies the need for any training and protects the business.

As HR didn’t do enough already, they are also able to take on payroll and benefits management. By having payroll sitting under the HR function, they can closely monitor any changes monthly and keep the information current and correct for a swift and accurate payroll run.

In recent years, HR has expanded and now has the ability by utilising its expertise in business management, to take a strategic view of the business and plan for future growth and progression from a people perspective. This is critical to any business and in particular start-ups. By building a framework involving recruitment, engagement, performance management, training and development and coordinating to the business’ needs will support the company’s long-term goals and ensure effective solutions to potential future issues.

HR Revolution offers commercially focused HR solutions that will work with and support your people. From one off projects to regular retained services, we provide your turn-key people services all under one roof! For more information get in touch, drop us an email at