These are unprecedented times. The rapid advancement of the COVID-19 (coronavirus) has changed the way we all live and work in ways that seemed unimaginable only a couple of weeks ago.

For many of us, we are getting used to a new way of working, with those that can, heeding the social distancing advice and working away from their offices, encouraged to work from home wherever possible.

While remote working has been growing in popularity for some time, for many organisations this is the first time that it has been tested on such a large scale and while it can present challenges, there should be very few reasons, why, with the right tools and methods in place, businesses shouldn’t be able to adopt remote working.

Here are some tips on how to make the transition from office to home office a little easier:

  • Getting out in the fresh air before your working day starts can add structure and routine to your day, plus you’ll be topping up those vitamin D levels too!
  • While it might be tempting at the start, don’t email from bed. Instead, assign an area in your home for working, and don’t let the boundaries start blurring.
  • Go for some self-expression! With no co-workers to think about, you are free to crank up the heating or open the window; listen to music or work in silence, and make the coffee (or tea) just as you like.
  • Let the light in. If you can, try and position your working desk next to a window, it can be great to boost your mood.
  • If possible, set a routine that works for you. Perhaps it could be a time to ditch the 9-5 and plan your day on your own terms. If it works for you, and your teammates, maybe do a couple of hours work then head off for a gentle dog walk or a run, before picking up work again later.
  • Don’t skip lunch. While there might be the tendency to work right through or just pig out on some crisps, freedom from the office might mean opening up an array of culinary options now you aren’t shackled by only having use of the office microwave!

There are also some excellent online examples of ways other companies have made remote working work for them, a myriad of tips and tools to power up your team communication and planning plus blogs aplenty on ways to keep your focus, ensure you don’t go stir crazy and even ways to furnish your home office environment too!

Here are a just a few:

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One of our clients, Articulate Marketing are a remote working company, and have been doing it successfully for over 15 years. Their Chief Happiness Officer offers some great advice on how to create team spirit even when the team are spread around the country and even sometimes overseas.

Read more in their blog here

However, while remote working used to often be by choice, the circumstances many of us find ourselves in now mean that it has been encouraged and could even be enforced. 

If you are struggling to create a remote working policy for your business, do get in touch.  We are happy to help and advise on how you can formalise working patterns in what is a developing situation.

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